Shipping Policy

A shipping policy is something that almost every eCommerce business owner must have. After all, it sets the right expectations for the buyer. If you don’t receive a return after 3 days, you clearly don’t. If there’s import duty and taxes, there is. If contacting you via phone is the best way, then that’s it. When you put such things in picture, you win the trust of your customers. More importantly everyone starts seeing your entity as an authoritative figure.
Now let’s tell you: How Can Our Shipping Policy Generator Help? Our free shipping policy generator can help you answer hours of shipping related queries within a couple of minutes. All you’ve to do is to fill the form given below and you’ll get your fresh shipping policy page. In case you’re worried about the template we have or things like plagiarism, you shouldn’t be worried because most websites copy shipping policy pages from templates like ours. But yes, you must be thinking won’t it affect the SEO of your site? Well for that, you can simply deindex your shipping policy page and nothing will put a negative impact on the overall SEO of your website.
What Clauses Does Our Shipping Policy Generator Cover? Here are a couple of main things that you’ll get after generating a free shipping policy page from our tool: How much time will it take to ship the product If the product will be dispatched on the same day? What would the out of stock item process be like? After how much time you won’t take the return Best way to contact you if there’s any complaint We will target to dispatch all orders within 7-10 days of order date.
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